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To Raise and Train Your Puppy or Dog


Are You Feeling Frustrated Watching Your New Puppy Become Out of Control?

As a new puppy pet parent, I understand how you're feeling frustrated. It's incredibly stressful to watch your new puppy create so much chaos in your home. The worst part... is not knowing what to do. Your cute little fluff ball needs your guidance early on. So... where can you start learning puppy basics 101? Right here!

On this site, I'll discuss the problems you and many other new puppy parents face when bringing home a puppy. Is your desire to properly raise and train your new buddy into a mature, well-behaved valued member of your family? It's not difficult! Learn how you can work with your new furball and take action to avoid tragic consequences. Let's get you both started on the right paw and begin with simple puppy basic essentials:

Puppy Basics



Familiarize yourself with some necessary puppy basic essentials. Imagine what your friends and family are going to say when they see how you've transformed your new little furball into an obedient and trained puppy! It's not difficult to properly raise and train your new buddy into a mature, well-behaved valued member of your family. The sooner, the better!      Let's get started...

Preparing For Puppy's First Day

Prepare ahead of time for your puppy's first day home. Purchase essential dog supplies and get your home ready for the safety of your new buddy!

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Forming Good Puppy Behaviors

Much time, patience, and perseverance goes into forming good puppy behaviors. Your little one will be relying on you! Enhance your little one's future!

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none Be Puppy's Alpha
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Training Your Puppy Correctly

Training your puppy the necessary dog commands will last the lifetime of your dog. Train correctly and get started on the right paw!

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Helping new puppy and dog owners like yourself learn the basics is our passion. Experience the same success and joy of dog ownership like we and others have enjoyed! Our navigation bars or our sitemap should help you find many dog articles and products of interest. Enjoy!