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Wondering About Us?

Here's the Scoop...

Welcome to Puppy-Basics

Our Mission:   To help prepare and educate, future and current dog owners by providing basic information and resources to raise and train their new furry friends. With this education we hope the relationship between owners and their dogs become one they will most likely always remember and cherish!

Our Goals:   By helping to increase the knowledge base of new dog owners, it is our hope to help alleviate the number of misunderstood dogs ending up in rescue centers or animal shelters. "A win-win situation for all!"

Organizations We Support - 20% of this site's profits go to:

   Humane Society of The United States
   Humane Society at Lollypop Farm
   Best Friends Animal Society

Judi & Hogie

Hi !...   My name is Judi and the little man in my arms
is Hogie (aka Hogieman), my 13 year old Miniature
Schnauzer. We live in Upstate New York. Recently, I've decided to put my "passion and knowledge" of dogs into the hands of those getting their first puppy or dog.

As a devoted dog owner and dog lover, with over 35 years of practical dog experience, I've applied basic training and obedience training to all my dogs. The ending results of those training efforts... pure joy!

 Hogie obediently waits on the cart while I went up to the green to putt!  My golfing "caddie"!

Hogie and I enjoyed golfing together. He really loved it... I did too!
Friends were amazed at his obedience and how well trained he was.
His patience, love, and obedience were so inspirational to me.

And they say you can't have your cake and eat it too? We did!

We know you can also enjoy dog ownership to it's fullest!

UPDATE:    Sadly, Hogie left us peacefully in November 2009.
He was the inspiration in building this web site to help others.

Enjoy pawing your way through this site. I have fun keeping
you updated with the latest information!

"Thanks for diggin' in our 'den' !"

Please feel free to
send us your comments,
questions or feedback!