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Adopting A Dog

Give a Puppy or Senior Dog a Second Chance!

Consider Adopting A Dog As Another Alternative

If you have it in your heart, when considering a new addition to the family, adopting a puppy or senior dog is another alternative. There are nice dogs and puppies waiting to be adopted throughout the United States. Dogs in Danger is a great place to search for a new companion! Through no fault of their own, these dogs sit waiting for someone to come along and reclaim their lives and give them love again. Some are purebred puppies and some are senior dogs which may have been given up because their owners have passed away or can no longer care for them. Search for one in your area and help your local animal shelter: Adopting a Dog. Some very nice dogs can be adopted through shelters.

Senior Dog Adoptions

sadGiving life a second chance can be an extremely rewarding experience when adopting a senior dog. Seniors have much joy and happiness to give back to us. Those who have the time and the heart to take in a senior are usually richly rewarded. Many of these dogs lose loving homes when an owner dies or becomes too ill to care for them. A few are discarded when they develop health problems, and no one cared enough to get treatment for them. Others may be divorce casualties or move to locations where dogs just are not allowed.

These dogs are often frightened at first, and confused by their loss of a long-familiar home. It can take a little extra time and patience to convince them that they can be safe and loved again. Once they feel secure, they seem to know they've been given a second chance at life.

Because of their age, senior dogs will not be with you as long as a younger dog, but you will have given them years of love in place of fear, confusion, and a premature death. The love and gratitude they give in return is a very special thing.

Next time you consider adopting a pet, consider a senior dog. Chances are they are already potty trained, they are past the "chewing phase" and most are just happy to sit by you and watch a movie. They are not demanding. As long as they have a cozy corner to sleep in, a roof over their head and food in their tummies, they are happy. These little senior furballs have so much to give. They are just waiting for a chance to show you what a great companion they can be!

Advantages Of Adopting A Dog:

none  You know what size they are.
none  You can view their temperament as you greet them.
none  No puppy stages to experience (if an older dog).
none  Many may have been spayed or neutered.
  Saving the life of the dog.

Where Can You Adopt a Dog or Puppy?

Visit your local animal shelter or any breed's rescue centers. These organizations rescue purebred dogs that have been lost, abandoned or surrendered due to the death or illness of their owners. Most rescue dogs have been spayed or neutered and are screened for health and temperament problems. Many of these dogs are listed online. If you know what breed you like, type in that breed name with rescue center after it. (Ex: Labrador Rescue Center) Generally they will be listed by state organizations to help locate dogs in your locale. Rescue is a not only a great source for adopting purebred dogs, it is also a way to save the life of a dog in need.

If you like to read about happy endings, take a minute and read some of the testimonials from those that adopted a dog from the breed rescue centers. You won't leave without happy tears! Not sure what kind of dog or puppy to get? Visit our types of dog articles to see the different kinds of dogs available.

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