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What Are The Advantages To Owning Small Dogs?

What are the Advantages To Owning Small Dogs? It's cheaper!

When considering a new addition to the family, there can be many advantages to owning small dog breeds that weigh 25 pounds or less. Everything about small dogs is less expensive or just easier to have around the home.

Some of the advantages are quite profound when comparing to larger dog breeds. There's no doubt about it, owning a small dog has far more advantages. It's always important to consider what your needs are when choosing any small dog breed.


none  Less joint problems, keeping vet bills down.
none  Less exercise.
none  Eat less than larger dogs.
none  Boarding facilities are less expensive.
  Easier to carry or transport via dog carriers.
  Easier to travel with.
  Easier to bathe.
  Less yard elimination cleanup.
  Less living condition space needed.


As a result of these advantages, these little dog breeds are becoming more and more popular as companion dogs. Which dogs are winning the popularity contests of late? We compiled a list of AKC small dog types ...feel free to read and learn about their descriptions and characteristics. See for yourself why they are becoming so popular!

Less Space Needed!

Since their small size does not warrant for much space, these little dogs have become appealing to those living in the city, apartments, and condos. Content with sitting on your lap these small breeds do keep great company and need less exercise than larger dog breeds.

Do your homework to understand what these small dog's special needs are, what their hair care needs are and learn about their personality types. Keep in mind what might appear to look cute as a puppy to own may not necessarily be the correct dog for you.

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