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Applying Puppy Medication

Sometimes Applying Puppy Medication Can Be A Bit Troublesome.

When it comes to giving needed medications to our puppy or dog, they tend to get sqirmy or spit their meds back out. Need Help? These helpful tips will show you how to apply medications whether they are in liquid or pill form.


Technique #1:

If you need to give your puppy medication in the form of a pill, the best way is to place the puppy in front of you in the sit position. Take the pill in your right hand and offer it to the puppy by first letting him smell it. While doing that, with your left hand softly apply pressure with your fore finger and thumb against the puppy's molars. Simultaneously say,"Open, Open", without rushing or forcing the puppy. As the mouth is opened, place the pill back in the throat area as far as you can get. Then close and gently hold your puppy's mouth> With your other hand gently rub his throat. You'll feel your puppy swallow - this results in getting the pill swallowed. Watch closely... be certain the pill doesn't get spit out. They are very clever at spitting it out using their tongue. You may want to gently open the mouth to be certain it is swallowed. If it has... be sure to praise!

Technique #2:

Another easy technique to administer pills is to insert the pill in a piece of soft food. Examples of soft food would be peanut butter, cheese, or like soft foods. Use anything that can cover and disguise the pill. Check puppy's mouth afterwards to be sure the pill has been swallowed. If it has... be sure to praise!


If you need to give your dog liquid medications, place the medication inside a little plastic container, (make sure not to use a metal spoon) and using the same techniques to open the mouth as with the pill, put the medication inside the puppy's throat, then gently close and hold the puppy's mouth so it does not drip out. Then, praise him. Your puppy will soon learn to collaborate quickly. (Sometimes liquid medications have an awful taste. After applying liquid meds, give a tiny treat while praising.)

Regardless which medication you buy from your veterinarian, save yourself a little money. Meds can be expensive. Compare prices to the online pet pharmacy stores and see why more and more pet medications are being purchased online.

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