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Beagle Breed Profile


The Beagle belongs to the AKC Hound Group and can be easily distracted by the scent of any animal that crosses its path. This small, shedding, well-muscled dog may not heed the 'come' command during these distractions. Although they have a strong desire to follow their noses, they are a happy-go-lucky breed and make fine family pets. Beagles do fine when in the company of people and get along with other household pets and also make good watchdogs. Beagles come in two sizes: 13 inch and 15 inch.


Origin:             Great Britain
Utilization:      Companion and hunting
Registration:   AKC Hound Group
Size:                Small
Height:            13-16 Inches
Weight:           18-30 pounds
Lifespan:         12-13 years
Shedding:        Yes.
Colors:             Tri-color, white, black, tan,
                        red & white, blue mottle,
                        tan & white.

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Beagle Facts:

Grooming:   The shedding, short coat of a Beagle needs minimal care. Check ears for infection.

Social Skills:   This little dog gets along fine with other dogs and household pets.

Personality:   Very devoted, playful, and affectionate. Gentle mannered, very loveable and good watchdogs.

Children:   Very good with all ages of children.

Housing:   Very active, loves to roam. Not ideal for apartment and condo living.

Exercise:   High. Needs lots of activity.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains easily - begin early training.

Health:   Congenital heart disease, skin problems, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, spine problems, glaucoma, and cataracts. More information on Beagle inherited health disorders.

History:   Beagles have an origin from Great Britain and were originally bred as a pack hound who hunted rabbits with their owners in Wales, and England back in the 13th century. By the 1700s, Beagles were used for fox hunting when it a popular sport. The Beagle we know and love today was developed in the 1800s and came to the U.S. in 1876. Most likely these dogs were a descendent of the Talbot Hounds that traveled to England with William the Conqueror in 1066. By 1954, Beagles were the most popular dog to own in the U.S.

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