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Brussels Griffon Breed Profile


With their cute almost humanlike quizzical expression, the Brussels Griffon is a small toy breed sporting a non-shedding coat making them ideal for allergy sufferers. This lively little dog loves to snuggle and tends to bond with one person. "Griffs" make fine companions and get along with other household pets.

Brussels Griffon  

Origin:             Belgium
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Toy Group
Size:                Small
Height:            7-8 Inches
Weight:           6-12 pounds
Lifespan:         12-15 years
Shedding:        None if groomed regularly.
Colors:             Red, black, tan, reddish brown

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Brussels Griffon Facts:

Grooming:   The non-shedding, shaggy coat of an Brussels Griffon will need weekly brushings and grooming by professional groomers every 3 months.

Social Skills:   This little dog gets along with other dogs and household pets if socialized early. Wary of strangers and visitors and do not make friends easily.

Personality:   Very devoted to its owner, Griffs are fearless against an aggressor and make good watch dogs. Can be stubborn and oversensitive.

Children:   Very good with older respectful children.

Housing:   Easily adapts to any indoor living conditions. Ideal for apartment and condo dwellers.

Exercise:   Low. Neighborhood walks are fine.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains easily - begin early training.

Health:   Eye, respiratory, degenerative disc problems. More information on Brussels Griffon inherited health disorders.

History:   The Brussels Griffon, aka Griffon Bruxellois, have an origin from Belgium dating back to the 1800s and were known to be hunters of rodents.

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