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Cairn Terrier Breed Profile


The Cairn Terrier is a non-shedding, small dog that adjusts well to different living conditions. This hardy little terrier makes a great pet for both family and the elderly. Cairns tend to remain active and playful well into their teens. They are generally quiet and good for families with respectful children.

Cairn Terrier  

Origin:             Scotland
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Terrier Group
Size:                Small
Height:             10 Inches
Weight:            13-14 pounds
Lifespan:         12-15 years
Shedding:        None if groomed regularly
Colors:             Blue with tan, red, solid

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Grooming:   The non-shedding, shaggy coat of a Cairn needs maintaining regularly. Brushings a few times a week will prevent matting.

Social Skills:   This little dog gets along with other dogs and household pets. May have some dominance issues with other dogs.

Personality:   Very devoted to its owner, Cairns are very playful and affectionate. They possess a "big dog' in a little body attitude and are a very agile, terrier-like dog; curious, fearless, and mischievous. Generally quiet.

Children:   Very good with respectful children.

Housing:   Very active, but easily adapts to any indoor living conditions. Ideal for apartments and condo living. They make fine companions for the elderly.

Exercise:   Low. Neighborhood walks are fine.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains easily.

Health:   Gains weight easily, watch treat-giving. Allergies to fleas. More information on Cairn Terrier inherited health disorders.

History:   Cairn Terrier origin is Scotland around 1500. They are one of Scotland's original terriers contributing to today's West Highland, Scotty, and Skye Terriers. Known for routing out small animals on the Scottish farms. Also known as "Toto" in the "Wizard of Oz".

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