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Choosing a Dog For Children

Choosing Dogs That Are Child Friendly 

It is always best to choose dogs that are child friendly to avoid situations of needed attention for an aggressive-type dog's training needs. Children with high energy does not make a good reason for owning high energy dogs either. High energy dogs such as Dalmations and Irish Setters or aggressive guard dogs such as Pit Bulls may not tolerate the unpredictable actions of a child and can become problematic, increasing the risks of dog attacks or bites.

Sometimes frequent barking can frighten a child. Dogs can sense this fear and may become confused and aggressive. It is these kinds of situations you like to avoid resulting in a more positive experience for the child and the dog.

Toddlers With Smaller Dogs

For young children such as toddlers, even smaller dogs may be problematic. Some small dog breeds such as Chihuahuas are prone to biting. Due to the delicacy of these smaller dogs, if children are unsure of how to be delicate with them, these dogs can easily be hurt.

Dogs have unique personalities, but some breeds are more kid friendly than others. Keep in mind when deciding which dog that any dog could be problematic if untrained and unsocialized.

Read About Dog Breeds Good with Children 

Once you read about the dog breeds that are good with children, decide which dog is more kid friendly. The ages of your children is a big deciding factor as well as their maturity when making your final decision. Always ask a breeder or professional how certain dog breeds react to children and don't forget to mention their ages and personalities as well. Dogs come with different personality traits just like we do, however, some breeds do tend to be more child friendly.

So where can you start looking? Visit our list of child friendly dogs and learn which dog breeds are best to choose from... as well as which to avoid!

Remember to always supervise any interaction between your children and your new dog. Be especially watchful with young toddlers. One should never leave toddlers alone with a new dog. Along with supervision, it is always wise to teach any dog obedience and rules. Children should be taught rules to minimize the risk of any dog bites, thereby creating a safe atmosphere at home.

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