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Choosing a Dog

Finding The Right Dog

Choosing a Dog Suitable to Your Lifestyle

When choosing a dog suitable to your lifestyle, learn about the different characteristics of the breed and you'll have better luck finding the right dog. Take dog ownership responsibility seriously. Read about the different dog breeds and their 'job description' before deciding which dog (or puppy)is suitable for you. Don't be in a hurry to 'embark' down a road to a wonderful journey with a four-legged companion.

Educating Yourself First!

By educating yourself first and expanding your knowledge, you will help prevent yourself from becoming another statistic at the animal shelter! You owe it to both yourself and any chosen puppy or dog to be certain you picked the most appropriate dog to fit your or your family's lifestyle. Wondering which dog is right for you? Take the dog breed questionaire!


What kind of dog are you looking for?
A protection animal?  a family pet?  a show dog?

Test your personality and match it with several breeds.
Find out now - take this easy questionaire:

  What Dog Breed is Right For You and Your Family?


Mismatches between owner and dog happen all too frequently. Give some serious thought before making your final decision.The lifetime of a dog can last 10 - 15 years... and thats a long time! Keep these thoughts in mind when choosing a dog:

Ten Points to Consider When Choosing Your New companion:

 1.  Dog's activity level.
 2.  Your lifestyle and activities.
 3.  Size of the dog.
 4.  Family allergies?
 5.  Lap dog or guard dog?
 6.  Grooming needs.
 7.  Care in your absence.
 8.  Your health vs dog's activity
 9.  Is shedding a problem?
10. Is barking a problem?

Examples Of Mismatches:

  1.  Neat-nuts with a heavy shedder
  2.  A frail person with energetic dog
  3.  Toddlers with a chihuahua
  4.  Laid back dog with active owner
  5.  Laid back owner with active dog

Remember, when choosing a dog, the "first step" is to decide which breed is right for you and the family. Think in terms of what type of dog would get along with your young children. Are there allergies in the family? How demanding is the breed? Are you an active family?

We can begin to tell you there are seven dog breed types to choose from according to the AKC. That's a lot of dogs to search through! Over 150 breeds!

Help For Choosing A Dog - Specific Dog Categories

To help you further, visit types of dogs where we have broken down those types into specific categories: "small dogs", "hypoallergenic dogs", "dogs for the elderly", and "child friendly dogs".

Familiarize yourself with their particular traits and characteristics! Enjoy your search!


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