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Choosing a Veterinarian

Checklist For Choosing A Veterinarian

Choosing A Veterinarian For the Health of Your Dog

If for any reason you ever feel uncomfortable after choosing a veterinarian for the health of your dog, by all means change veternarians. Your uncomfortableness might be because of their manners, their advice appeared wrong, or maybe there really is no real reason. Do what we do... trust your gut feeling once you get all the facts. Your pup counts on you to make all their health decisions.

We found this national veterinarian listing to be of help, however, it may not yet be totally complete. Checking with your Chamber of Commerce is most likely the best place to search for local veternarian listings in your city if you have not been given any recommendations yet.

When it comes down to deciding who your vet will be, it may very well end up being a tried and true experience. To avoid the tried and true method use our checklist below to make this important procedure a little easier for you and your new puppy.


none   Ask other dog owners for references and recommendations.

none   Check with the Veterinary Medical Board for filed complaints.

none   Check to be sure the new vet likes to work with dogs. Some don't.

none   Watch the interaction between the veternarian and the vet technichians.

none   Observe the professionalism between employees. Is it friendly?

none   Check for cleanliness and personnel attentiveness.

none   Observe how clients are treated.

none   Get a "feel for their prices". Vet offices vary in their charges.

none   Inquire if they accept pet health insurance plans in case you have one.

none   Ask what payment plans can be used if any hardship occurs.

none   Find out what is available for 24/7 emergency care.

none   Are there watchful eyes 24/7 in emergency care?

none   Lastly, trust your instincts. If not comfortable, keep looking!

Dog health procedures are more comfortable for everyone involved when you are comfortable with who you go to for your new puppy's health care needs.

Think of both your dog's and your comfort level when choosing veterinarian care. It is possible to keep future vet costs down, even regular routine visits by considering pet health insurance. One never knows what the future holds for your precious pet, but it is always nice to know you can afford to take care of them when the need arises. When choosing a veterinarian, ask if they accept health insurance.

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