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Cocker Spaniel Breed Profile


The Cocker Spaniel is an AKC medium sized dog. This beautiful, high spirited, intelligent, and playful breed is well suited for families as well any senior folks. This breed is respectful of his master and makes a very devoted companion. Socialized early will help them overcome their tendency to shyness. Cockers are happy tailwaggers that love to be around people.

Cocker Spaniel  

Origin:             United States
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Sporting Group
Size:                Medium
Height:            14-15 Inches
Weight:           25-30 pounds
Lifespan:         12-15 years
Shedding:        Average
Colors:             Buff, black, & solid colors,
                        black & tan, red & white,
                        buff & white, black & white,

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Grooming:   The shedding, coat of a Cocker Spaniel needs bi-weekly brushings and grooming by professionals every 3 months.

Social Skills:   Gentle and trusting. Good with respectful children and gets along with other household pets.

Personality:   Cockers are lively and love to be with family. Socialize early to avoid tendency for shyness. Can be noisy. May bark when alerting strangers at the door.

Children:   Not good with toddlers. May snap at teasing children. Very good with older, respectable children.

Housing:   Very playful. Can live in apartments and condos if exercised regularly. Makes nice pets for the elderly and families. Small yards are fine.

Exercise:   Daily neighborhood walks are sufficient.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains fairly easy.

Health:   Cataracts, glaucoma and patellar luxation. Minor concerns are hip dysplasia, allergies, and liver disease. More information on Cocker Spaniel inherited health disorders.

History:   The Cocker Spaniel's origin was developed in the United States by careful breeding of the English Cocker Spaniel. The name cocker comes from a game bird called a woodcock which cockers were developed to hunt. Today's Cocker is mainly a companion and show dog.

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