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Free Training Tips to Help Train Your Puppy or Dog



Free Training Tips to Help With Your Puppy Command Training Efforts

Using these tips during your basic puppy command training should help move your training progress along quite smoothly:

none   The two most important words your puppy will learn is "puppy's name" and the word "no". "No" means - "stop what you are doing".

none   Never scold or punish your dog using its name. Your puppy's name should always be associated with positive associations.

none   Carry small puppy treats in a waist pouch for easy access for praising and rewarding during any puppy training sessions.

none   Allow puppy to burn off some excess energy before any "controlled" walks. Play with puppy in your backyard first.

none   When teaching basic commands, concentrate on one command during each session. A puppy's attention span is very short. So keep it fun and short!.

none   Begin all puppy training on leash in the home first - a family room or basement will suffice.

none   Practice training outdoors on leash to experience distractions only when finally comfortable with puppy's attention during indoor training.

none   Practice and develop one command at time using the same appropriate word preceded by your puppy's name: "Dogname , Sit".

none   Do NOT let your dog eliminate anywhere they choose. This type of behavior is also known as a "leader" behavior, and could lead to territorial behavior.

none   Before every training session, take puppy outdoors to eliminate first to ensure puppy will not be distracted from having "to go".

none   Be consistent. Always use the same word with each command. Avoid any confusion.

none   Be patient, persistent and praise after each successful training session.

none   Lastly, after each training session, play with your dog even if for a few minutes!

Below we have reviewed two of the most popular Dog Training E-Books on the internet today. Each one is fully-packed with more dog training tips and much more indepth training. Both are written by professional dog trainers and can be downloaded training you within minutes. Highly recommended!

1.  "SitStayFetch"  This best seller teaches you how to learn to avoid the mistakes and disastrous situations that you might become vulnerable to while raising and training your dog.

2.  "Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer!"  This best seller stresses the need of building a bond with your dog while training and covers all common puppy and dog behavior problems.

NOTE:   Each download comes with their own money-back guarantee and they are available instantly for purchase and download. Read and compare - make the right choice for you. In no time you will be the one other dog owners point to and ask "how do they do it?"


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Trained dogs make super well-behaved pets and they enjoy life more because they get to go more places and participate more with you and the family. Use these training tips and give your dog the training he deserves! You both will benefit... Enjoy!

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