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Unique Dog Beds To Pamper Your Best Friend



Looking for Unique dog Beds to pamper your Best Friend?

Your new puppy or dog is going to need a comfortable place in which to retreat and sleep. Keep in mind when buying a bed for a puppy, it's a given most puppies will try and chew on any new bed or blanket. Don't leave him/her unsupervised with anything containing stuffing, as swallowing it could cause intestinal blockage. Depending on the breed, and growth of your puppy you may even find yourself buying more than one bed during it's first year.

How To Choose a Dog Bed

Consider how your dog sleeps when you choose a dog bed and ask yourself these questions:

  none   Does your dog like to lean against something?
  none   Does your dog like to curl up?
  none   Does your dog like to stretch out?
  none   Does your dog have health issues like arthritis?


Dogs Come In All Different Shapes and Sizes
...So Do Their Dog Beds!

When buying supplies for your new puppy, dog beds should be at the top of your list. Gone are the days when you could walk into a pet store to pick up a bed for your pooch by just picking a color and size and be done with your shopping! Today, especially with the convenience of online shopping and the choices you have, you can take many more factors into consideration about what, where, and how your dog will be sleeping!

Today's Dog Beds are Stylish, Functional, Washable, and Comfortable

The variety of unique dog beds available today are not only stylish, but very functional, providing good insulation for both summer and winter. Who would have thought even ten years ago that sleeping in a dog bed would look more comfy than our own human beds? Not only has comfort improved, their styles and colors lend into any room in your house! As the old saying goes - "it's gone to the dogs"   ...and it certainly has when it comes to buying dog beds today.

Dog Beds By Brand

The variety of dog beds by brand can be mind boggling! There is no better way to pamper your dog or puppy than by providing them the comfort they deserve with a unique bed. Shopping online for types of dog beds has become such an adventure because there is so much more available to us! Below you will find the most common dog bed types on the market today. And what better place to buy them but on the internet? Always check for free shipping deals and save a few bucks!

Smart Shopping Tips & Suggestions:

For Size - When shopping for your puppy, be sure to have an idea of puppy's full grown size.

For Cost - Always check price comparisons! No doubt you will find some great deals for dog beds.

Do Comparison Shopping - Great places to begin comparison shopping:

       Shopzilla's Dog Beds  
       Ebay Dog Beds
       Amazon Dog Beds


Fleece Dog Beds

Fleece Crate Beds
Fleece beds are perfect for use in carriers, wire crates, dog houses, or stand alone throughout your home. Completely lightweight and machine washable.

Heated Dog Beds

Heated Dog Beds
A tummy warmer! Heated dog beds provide added warmth and comfort for your dog or puppy on those chilly nites. Perfect for whelping puppies!

Pillow Dog Beds

Pillow Dog Beds
Wrap your best friend in cozy comfort with a pillow dog bed. Pleasantly overstuffed with hypro-softness and easily washable. Talk about comfy!

Nest Dog Beds

Nest Dog Beds
For deep cuddlers that love to curl up and snooze! Nest dog beds provide supportive walls and have removable covers for easy washing to keep clean.

Couch Dog Beds

Couch Dog Beds
Designed to blend in with your home decor, couch dog beds provide easy access for therapeutic older dogs with joint pain. Machine washable slip covers.

Designer Dog Beds

Designer Dog Beds Designer Dog Beds
Looking for style? Designer dog beds offer comfort for any dog plus design style for the "decor conscious folks" that want their dog's bed to blend in.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Orthopedic Dog Beds
Have an older dog? Orthopedic dog beds reduce pressure points and relieve the pain of sore joints. Covers are machine washable.

Spoil your puppy with a unique dog bed. Provide a great sleeping area for your new little buddy to snooze away! Enjoy Your Shopping!