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Most Common Dog Crates and Kennels

Dog Crates

Dog Crates Are the Quickest Way
To Housetrain A Puppy


Dog Crates Are The Quickest Way To Housetrain A Puppy or Dog

Using a dog crate is by far the fastest way to help housetrain a puppy. Once your dog is accustomed to sleeping in a crate or kennel, it becomes their personal quiet space. Not only do they ensure safety for your pet, they also make great training aids when house training a puppy. If you like to travel, crates and kennels also make great travel companions becoming your pet's "home away from home".


How to Choose a Dog Crate

When choosing dog crates, focus on the features you will need. Will you be crate training a puppy? Or will you be using a decorative wood crate to blend with the decor of your home? Depending on how you plan to use it, every crate or kennel model has certain features. Only after carefully reviewing the specific models can you be certain how they will adequately fulfill all your needs for crating your new puppy or dog.

Typically, you will find there are two types of crates:

Wire Dog Crates -  Wire models are designed to safely contain your pet, but are not designed to be picked up and moved around with your pet inside it. Wire crates can be used for every day use in the home and can be used for housetraining purposes. Some models are even collapsible.

Plastic Dog Kennels -  Plastic kennels are designed so that your dog can safely travel inside. Many plastic kennels are airline appoved. These can also be used for every day use in the home for house training purposes.

Looking for used dog crates? If you're like me, sometimes finding a used crate for your puppy or dog can be a nice way to save a little money.

With the different colors and styles available today, it would not be hard to match the decor in your home. Listed below are the most common crates and kennels you'll find with the convenience of shopping online.

Smart Shopping Tips & Suggestions:

For Size - When shopping for either dog crates or kennels, be sure to measure your dog to allow for your dog's height and length.

For Cost - Always check price comparisons! No doubt you will find some great deals for all types of dog crates.

Do Comparison Shopping - Great places to begin comparison shopping:

       Shopzilla Dog Crates
       Ebay Dog Crates
       Amazon Dog Crates


Wicker Dog Crates

Wicker Dog Crates
Looking for decor and function? Midwest Rattan crates are designed with form and function. Covered by tightly woven rattan-style resin. Safe, sturdy, and beautiful!

Life-Stages Fold and Carry Wire Crates

Lifestages Fold & Carry Dog Crates
Have a new puppy? Lifestages fold and carry wire crates are easy transportable with handles. Perfect for your growing puppy!

Puppy Playpen

Puppy Playpen
Puppy Playpens have a multitude of uses. Can be used for puppies, training, whelping, or a safe play area indoors or outdoors. This steel framed pen is durable and portable.

Softsided Dog Crates

Softsided Dog Crates
Softsided crates are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Designed with style in mind to complement any home decor. Portable and washable for any use.

Midwest Daytripper Crates

Midwest Canine Camper
Love to camp? Take your buddy! Canine Camper features a pop-up and zip assembly that makes it the ultimate travel crate for camping with your best friend!

Petmate Vari Kennel Portable Kennels

Petmate Vari Kennel Dog Crates
Pet Mate Vari-Kennels are classic designs trusted for years! These lightweight, portable kennels are perfect for home, show or travel. Airline approved.

"Questions To Ask Yourself" Before Purchasing Any Crate Or Kennel:

Is this crate for home use only?
If you're not planning on traveling with your dog, a basic wire type is a good choice for an everyday crate. If keeping it in one place, you probably won't need a collapsible model.

Is this crate for a puppy?
If you have a growing puppy select a model that your puppy will grow into, but make sure it comes with a divider panel allowing you to adjust the size as your puppy grows.

Do you travel by car and want to take the dog?
Highly recommended that you crate your dog while traveling by car. You may be able to purchase one that can be used at home as well as in your car. If preferring to use the wire crate for home purposes, purchase another separate hard plastic model for your car also.

Do you travel by plane and want to take the dog?
Hard plastic dog crates are recommended and they can also be used as an everyday dog crate.

Do you need a portable crate?
Hard plastic models are easy to move from within rooms of your house and to your car. Convenient to move and have handles.

Do you need a collapsible crate?
If planning on moving it around the house frequently, a collapsible wire model is a good option. Collapsible crates may come with convenient carry handles.

Never used a crate before? Don't worry! Crate training your puppy is easy. For the safety of your puppy, leave him or her in their dog crate! Be sure to visit our dog beds to view the crate beds that fit into these crates. Your new puppy will love the extra cozy comfort when it's time to crash for those naps!