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Dog Doors

Dog Doors Provide Your Dog Greater Freedom


Dog Doors Provide Your Dog Greater Freedom

As a canine owner, installing dog doors provide your dog greater freedom and independance actually allows you more freedom! Your pet no longer has to rely on you to go outside to go to the bathroom. Enjoy your personal time without interuptions. Choose any of the most popular dog doors and allow your best friend to go out for any reason.

Advantages Of Dog Doors:

  • Allows independence for your dog to go outside and play.

  • No interruptions or being slave to let your dog out.

  • Insulated doors keep heat bills down.

  • No interruptions or being slave to let your dog out.

  • Determine whether your pet can enter, exit, go either way, or locked.

  • Allows freedom for your dog to go potty outdoors anytime.

Best Places To Install Dog Doors:

  • Wood Doors

  • Sliding Glass Doors

  • Aluminum Panels

  • Walls

Best Rooms To Install Dog Doors:

Install dog doors in a room or area that can receive some tracking-in-dirt. It is always recommended to place a floor mat on the inside of the dog door.

  • Kitchen

  • Sliding Glass Doors in family room

  • Second Bedroom

  • Garage

Smart Shopping Tips & Suggestions:

For Size - When shopping for dog doors, be sure to measure for correct fitting.

For Cost - Always check price comparisons! No doubt you will find some great deals for all types of dog doors.

Do Comparison Shopping - Great places to begin comparison shopping:
    Shopzilla's Dog Doors  
    Amazon Dog Doors



Patio Panel Doors

Patio Panel Doors
Heavy-duty lockable panels for sliding glass doors are perfect for security, durability, and weather. Does not permanently affect your sliding glass doors in any way.

Petsafe Wall Entry Dog Doors

PetSafe Wall Entry Dog Doors
This wall entry design has dual flaps (one inside and one outside) and makes for a well insulated barrier between the outdoors and your indoor room. Accommodates 4 3/4" to 7 1/4" thick walls!

Petsafe Aluminum Freedom Pet Doors

PetSafe Aluminum Freedom Pet Doors
High-impact aluminum frame and soft, flexible transparent panels are safe for your pet and make training easier. Easy Installation.

All Weather Pet Doors

All Weather Pet Doors
Unique, energy efficient, all weather thermal insulated construction with exterior weather slide and interior lockout slide. Adapts to 4 ¾” – 7 ¼" walls or 1 ¼” to 1 ¾” doors.

Petsafe Plastic Freedom Pet Doors

PetSafe Plastic Pet Doors
Soft, flexible transparent panels are safe for your pet and make training easier. Durable plastic frame. Easy installation.

If looking to provide your dog with a little more independance and freedom to go potty when he (she) needs to, installing a dog door is a great way to make that happen.