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Most Common Dog Gates

Limit Your Puppy's Exploration With Dog Gates


Reasons To Use Dog Gates With A Puppy:

No matter how much you puppy-proof your home, there will always be reasons to restrict your new puppy's exploration efforts.

Note: Caution should be taken to only use a gate in an application for where it is intended to be installed to avoid creating a dangerous situation. A good example of this would be using the wrong type of gate at the top of the stairs.

Here's a few ideas when to use gates for your puppy:

  • Confine puppy to areas where there is supervision.
  • Confine puppy to potty areas when using puppy pads or newspapers.
  • Restrict entry into rooms where puppy can't always be supervised.


Choosing Dog Gates

Which gate you choose depends on where you plan to limit your puppy's exploration in your home. Focus only on the features you need.

Carefully review specific gate models to be certain how they will adequately fulfill all your needs. Consider using one when you want to block entry into specific areas where your puppy or dog can get into trouble if unsupervised.


Basically, there are two types of gate models. They come in all different colors and expandable sizes to match any home's decor.

Hardware Mounted Dog Gates
These models are designed to be mounted with screws directly into a solid wall or wood frame to provide maximum strength and protection.

Pressure Mounted Dog Gates
Pressure mounted means just like it sounds and can be installed within minutes without tools. Typically they are used in hallways or doorways. Due to their easy mobility they should NEVER be used at the top of the stairs.

Looking for used dog gates? If you're like me, sometimes finding a used gate to confine your puppy or dog can be a nice way to save a little money.

With the different colors and styles available today, it is easy to match the decor in your home while still getting the function you are looking for. Listed below are the most common dog gates you'll find with the convenience of shopping online.

Smart Shopping Tips & Suggestions:

For Size - When shopping for dog gates, be sure to measure the width of the opening it will be used for.

For Cost - Always check price comparisons! No doubt you will find some great deals for all types of dog gates.

Do Comparison Shopping - Great places to begin comparison shopping:

       Shopzilla Dog Gates
       Ebay Dog Gates
       Amazon Dog Gates


Swing Closed Security Gate

Swing Closed Security Gate
Pressure Mount - Swing Closed Security Gate is a swinging gate that does not harm woodwork or walls. Opens easily in either direction.

Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate

Extra Wide Walk Thru Gate
Pressure Mount - Convenient walk through design has an easy, one touch release handle. Sets up quickly and easily. Can be extended to 44 inches.


"Questions To Ask Yourself" Before Purchasing Gates:

Is this gate for a puppy?
If you have a growing puppy, remember to select a model to allow for the future size of your dog when fully grown.

Where in the home will the dog gate be placed?
Where you place the gate will determine the type of gate you will most likely want. Check the features to be certain they fill your needs and the needs of the dog. Keep in mind their strength and safety features.

Is it importantant to buy a gate that matches your decor?
If it is important to match your decor, be certain to make sure it's durable for the place it will be used.

Do you need a portable dog gate?
You might want the convenience of being able to move the gate to other areas of the home - in which case, consider a pressure-mounted gate.

What is the width of the doorway opening?
Be sure to measure the doorway openings you wish to place your gates. If width becomes a problem there are gates with extensions.

If you have an exploring puppy and have rooms that are off limits, consider dog gates to barricade those rooms and enjoy peace of mind knowing your dog is safe and sound - not destroying some of your personal property or soiling in the wrong area!