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Dog Health Care Issues and Concerns

Understanding Dog Health Care Issues and Concerns

Understanding dog health care issues and concerns benefit you and your dog to best take care of your pet. Afterall, your best friend counts on you to make the best decisions for their health care.

As all pet owners will agree, dog health problems deserve the same attention that we give to our own human health issues. When it comes to illnesses or diseases in dogs, you will find many are similar to our own health illnesses.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Keeping your dog healthy can also mean learning about the different alternatives and other options you have for treating any dog illnesses.

There are many new treatment options that even some veternarians may or may not even be aware of. Understand that conventional medications in some situations may not always be the best choice for the health of your dog.

Some prescription and over-the-counter pet medications can cause side effects or serious health problems. Always approach your veternarian and ask what alternatives and options you can have to provide the best care and health of your dog when faced with your puppy's or dog's health problems.

Signs of Health Problems

Paying attention to early signs of health problems in your dog will help prevent the problems from worsening. Some of these early signs to watch for:

  • Eye and nose discharge
  • Lack of stamina
  • Stiff movements
  • trouble getting up
  • Loss of interest in eating
  • Not eating
  • Drinking too much
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Excessive diarrhea

Your best friend counts on you to make the best decisions on their behalf. Below are some common dog health care issues and concerns you may want to be aware of:


  CANINE ARTHRITIS  As your dog gets older they may find themself suffering from an arthritis condition. What can you do to help relieve a painful arthitis condition in your dog?

  CANINE DIABETES  Canine diabetes can be controlled. Will you know what the causes, symptoms and treatments are should your dog suddenly get diabetes?

  DENTAL CARE  Providing dental care promotes good dog health. Taking care of your dog's teeth means brushing them often to avoid plaque buildup. Brush your dog's teeth?? You bet! Taking care of your dog's teeth avoids serious dental problems as your dog ages.

  DOG DISEASE  Many dog diseases can be avoided with vaccinations. Do you know these diseases and what their causes are?

  DOG FIRST AID  Knowing a little first aid comes in handy during any catastrophic situation. Knowing what to do and how to handle yourself and your dog - or any dog-related situation - may come in handy!

  DOG NUTRITION  Nutrition can play an important part in the health of your dog. Learn about the nutrients your dog needs in his diet to provide a happy, healthy full life.

  DOG PARASITES  Understand there are different kinds of dog parasites, both internal and external. Do you know if your dog has contracted any? Learn about their symptoms and treatments.

  PET HEALTH INSURANCE  As a new puppy or dog owner, having pet health insurance certainly ensures you peace of mind knowing you can take care of your new puppy in an affordable way. These days more and more people are taking advantage of pet health insurance. Highly recommended.

  OVERWEIGHT DOGS  Having an overwight dog could result in serious consequences that will make for a very unhappy pooch. Learn what causes weight gain and why your dog should and can lose weight!

  UNDERWEIGHT DOGS  There are several reasons why your dog might be underweight. Learn what the possible reasons for the weight loss and what you can do to resolve this situation!

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Please Note:  Always consult your dog's veterinarian before making any dog health care decisions. Your veternarian will be able to help you decide the best course of action when it comes to caring for your dog.


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