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Fox Terrier Breed Profile


The Fox Terrier is an affectionate, highly energetic, small dog that is suitable for apartment or condo living if exercised daily. This dog is happiest when spending time with the family. They make good watchdogs and are easy to train. Care should be taken to keep one on leash when outdoors or in fenced areas for safety reasons due to its curiosity levels. Very good with children and make nice pets for the elderly too.

Fox Terrier  

Origin:             England
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Terrier Group
Size:                Small
Height:            15.5 Inches
Weight:           15-20 pounds
Lifespan:         12-14 years
Shedding:        None if groomed regularly
Colors:             White w/tan, black, white
                        is predominant color

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Grooming:   Fox Terriers have minimal coat care. Use a wire brush once a week. Will need professional grooming a few times a year.

Social Skills:   May dominate other dogs and household pets such as cats. Early socialization with other pets may help.

Personality:   Very devoted, affectionate and trustworthy. Enjoy being part of a family and make good watch dogs.

Children:   Very good with children.

Housing:   Highly energetic. Adapts easily to any indoor living conditions. Apartments and condo living are ok if exercised daily. Make fine pets for the elderly.

Exercise:   High. Loves neighborhood walks and romps in the yard. Keep on leash or in fenced areas due to curiosity levels.

Training:   Intelligent and obedient. Trains easily. Can be stubborn and needs consistency. Begin early training.

Health:   Lens luxation, cataracts. More information on Fox Terrier inherited health disorders.

History:   The Smooth Fox Terrier first became noticed in England in the 1860s as a vermin hunter. Descendants include other terriers from nearby English, Cheshire and Schropshire counties and may have some Beagle blood. Wirehaired Fox Terriers resulted from the Smooth Fox and an unknown female wire-hair type. The AKC now recognizes both smooth and wire as separate breeds even though they do share the same conformation.

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