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French Bulldog Breed Profile


The French Bulldog belongs to the AKC Non-Sporting Group and has a comical personality. Frenchies, as they are sometimes called, love to clown around and are fun to watch. This breed gets along very well with other people, including strangers, and plays well with other dogs. Frenchies are definitely known to thrive on companionship and do not like to be left alone. This breed does best in a family with respectful children. They respond well to training if consistent and patient. Due to their facial structure, they should not be exercised or left in extreme heat or they may acquire heat strokes. Care should be taken near pools or areas of water such as lakes and ponds because they cannot swim!

French Bulldog  

Origin:             England
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Non Sporting Group
Size:                Small
Height:            12 Inches
Weight:           19-28 pounds
Lifespan:         10-14 years
Shedding:        Yes
Colors:             Brindle, pied, or fawn

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Grooming:   The shedding, short coat of a Frenchie needs minimal care.

Social Skills:   This little dog lives in harmony with other dogs and household pets.

Personality:   Very devoted, playful, and affectionate. Gentle mannered and easy to please. Loves attention and thrives on companionship. May bond to one person.

Children:   Very good with respectful children.

Housing:   Very adaptable, ideal for apartment and condo living. Excellent dogs for the elderly.

Exercise:   Low. Neighborhood walks are sufficient.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains easily if patient and consistent. Begin early training.

Health:   Prone to respiratory and eye problems. Due to their facial structure, they are sensitive to temperatures of extreme heat and tend to snore. More information on French Bull Dog inherited health disorders.

History:   The French Bulldog was originally developed in England as a miniature version of the English Bulldog of Great Britain in the 1860's and imported by French breeders. Bulldogs were originally an English Breed and traditional symbols of the English culture.

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