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Havanese Breed Profile


The Havanese belongs to the AKC Toy Group and is a non-shedding, small dog that is not only gorgeous, but has an endearing personality that makes it a fine pet for both families with children and the elderly. Havanese are very affectionate lap dogs that are social and greet everyone with a friendly welcome. Due to their low exercise needs and adaptability, they also make wonderful pets for apartment and condo dwellers.


Origin:             Cuba
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Toy Group
Size:                Small
Height:            8 1/2-11 1/2 Inches
Weight:           7-16 pounds
Lifespan:         13-15 years
Shedding:        None if groomed regularly
Colors:             White, cream, black, blue,
                        black & tan, chocolate, gold,
                        champagne and parti-color

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Grooming:   The non-shedding, soft, long coat of a Havanese needs regular daily brushing to keep them tangle-free.

Social Skills:   This Toy dog gets along fine with other dogs and household pets.

Personality:   Very devoted, playful, and affectionate. Gentle mannered, very loveable and friendly. Make good watchdogs.

Children:   Very good with all ages of children.

Housing:   Very adaptable. Ideal for apartment and condo living if walked daily. Excellent pets for the elderly.

Exercise:   Low. Neighborhood walks are fine.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains easily.

Health:   Juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal artrophy. More information on Havanese inherited health disorders.

History:   The Havanese has an origin from Cuba and has been named their National dog for centuries. Bred exclusively as companions and family pets of the wealthy and upper social class, there seem to be many theories as to their exact history. This rare breed is believed to have descended from the old world Bichon-type dogs and is also considered closely related to the Bolognese and Maltese as well. When the Cuban Revolution began, the Cubans that owned these dogs were the first to leave their country. Many dogs were left behind and the breed almost became extinct. It wasn't until the 1970's that their gene pool was rebuilt by the few that made their way to this country.

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