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Hypoallergenic Dogs

Non-shedding Dogs For Allergy Sufferers

Which Dogs Are Best For Allergy Sufferers?

Some non-shedding dogs can be better for allergy sufferers. While there really is no dog breed that is completely 100 percent allergy free, there are what is commonly called hypoallergenic dogs.

The list of non-shedding dogs below are allergy friendly dog breeds that produce less dander and with regular grooming will reduce the allergens fur can collect causing the allergic reactions.

These dogs will allow those of you that do suffer from allergies to keep your allergies at a very comfortable level, allowing you to enjoy owning and raising a dog.

So... what can you do to help you choose the right allergy friendly breed for you?

Spend Time With An Allergy Friendly Dog

Test your allergy sensitivity by spending time with the dog of choice first. Visit a breeder of any hypoallergenic dog breed and spend at least an hour with it. This should give you the opportunity to see what, if any, health reactions you might develop.

Most dog allergy sufferers have a different tolerance threshold. Keep in mind, after spending an hour with the breed you may even not notice a reaction right away. This is a great way to learn your sensitivity level to a particular nonshedding dog breed.

Research The Breed... Does it Fit Your Lifestyle?

Don't forget to research the breed! Avoid getting the wrong dog by doing your homework first! Spare yourself and the dog any heartaches should you eventually find out afterwards it does not fit your lifestyle.


Airedale Terrier
Australian Terrier
Bedlington Terrier
Bichon Frise
Brussels Griffon
Cairn Terrier
Cesky Terrier
Coton de Tulear
Dandie Dinmont Terrier
Fox Terrier
Giant Schnauzer
Glen of Ismaal
Irish Terrier
Irish Water Spaniel
Italian Kerry Blue Terrier
Lakeland Terrier
Miniature Poodle
Miniature Schnauzer
Norfolk Terrier
Norwich Terrier
Portuguese Water Dog
Scottish Terrier
Sealyham Terrier
Shih Tzu
Silky Terrier
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
Spanish Water Dog
Standard Poodle
Standard Schnauzer
Tibetan Terrier
Toy Poodle
Welsh Terrier
West Highland Terrier
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon
Yorkshire Terrier

These HAIRLESS DOG BREEDS Are Also Called Hypoallergenic Dogs:

American Hairless Terrier
Chinese Crested
Peruvian Hairless

Most hypoallergenic dog breeds have non-shedding coats which produce less dander. For those of you that do suffer with allergies to dogs finding an allergy-friendly dog may be a better choice for you.

There is much to consider before choosing a dog. Keep in mind that grooming and bi-monthly baths can also keep the dander levels down. It is our hope you find a suitable dog that doesn't give you an allergic reaction or at least one you can tolerate, because we find having a dog is one of life's true enjoyment! We hope you, too, will be able to enjoy a new companion in your homelife!

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