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Papillon Breed Profile


The Papillon is an AKC Toy dog breed once known as the Continental Toy Spaniel and also nicknamed the Butterly Dog. This beautiful, intelligent, and playful breed is well suited for families with respectful children and senior folks. Not recommended for families with toddlers. Papillons sport big ears giving them their "butterly dog" nickname. They are a lively, active dog and are suited for any living condition due to their small size.


Origin:             France
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:  AKC Toy Group
Size:                Small
Height:            8-11 Inches
Weight:           7-10 pounds
Lifespan:         14-16 years
Shedding:        Average
Colors:            Parti-color or white with
                         patches of any color

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Grooming:   The shedding coat of a Papillon will need daily brushings and combings. Their coats do not matt.

Social Skills:   Gentle, affectionate, trusting and friendly. Loves to be cuddled. Gets along with other household pets when socialized with them. Tends not to be a yapper like many other small dogs.

Personality:   Papillons are lively, active, and love to be with family. Socialize early. Should not be allowed to be the alpha dog or bad behaviors result.

Children:   Very good with with respectful children. May snap at teasing children. Not recommended for families with toddlers.

Housing:   Very playful. Can live in apartments and condos if exercised regularly. Makes nice pets for the elderly and families. Small yards are fine.

Exercise:   Daily neighborhood walks and romps in the yard are sufficient.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains fairly easy.

Health:   Prone to kneecap problems and patella. More information on Papillon inherited health disorders.

History:   The Papillon's origin is France and believed to be one of the oldest toy dog breeds in Europe dating back to the 700's, known to be the favorite at the French royal courts. Today's Papillons are still bred as companion dogs.

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