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Pekingese Breed Profile


The Pekingese is of the AKC Toy Group and is an alert, sturdy, low-set, feisty small dog. The Pekingese has a combination of regal dignity, self-importance, and stubbornness. Its lionlike image implies courage, boldness, and self-esteem rather than prettiness, daintiness, or delicacy making for a good natured, lively and affectionate companion to those who earn its respect. They adapt easily to different living conditions and make great pets for adults and the elderly.


Origin:             China
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Toy Group
Size:                Small
Height:            6-9 inches
Weight:           up to 14 pounds
Lifespan:         13-15 years
Shedding:        Yes
Colors:             All colors incl parti-colors

Pekingese Links: 

 Pekingese Rescue Groups
 Pekingese Club of America

Grooming:   The Pekingese needs daily brushings to prevent matting.

Social Skills:   This little dog gets along fine with other dogs and household pets. Should be socialized early as they are typically, not friendly to cats and may be dominant to other dogs.

Personality:   Very devoted, playful, and affectionate. Possesses "big dog in a little body" attitude. Wary of strangers, they may yap to warn their owner, making them good watchdogs.

Children:   Very good with older, respectful children. Best with adults.

Housing:   Very adaptable to different living conditions. Ideal pets for adults and the elderly.

Exercise:   Low. Neighborhood walks are fine. Loves to romp in the yard or down a hallway.

Training:   Intelligent. Trains easily with firmness.

Health:   Prone to disc problems, dry eye, and skin problems. Does not tolerate heat well due to it's short muzzle. More information on Pekingese inherited health disorders.

History:   The The Pekingese, often known as "Peke" was considered an "imperial" sacred dog dating back to 2000 B.C. They were worshipped in China's temples. It was custom for the Emperor to have four Pekes as his bodyguards. Any theft or harm brought to one of these dogs was considered a crime punishable by death. The first Pekingese was brought to America in 1898 and admitted to the AKC registry in 1906.

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