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Potty Train Puppy In Rain

Solutions For Potty Training Puppy When It's Raining



Going Potty in the Rain

Potty Training Puppy in Rain Can be Troublesome

Trying to potty train puppy in rain isn't always fun, but it's something we all go through. No doubt about it! But... there are solutions to help dogs that don't appreciate being in the rain when they eliminate.

Outdoor Solutions To Help Potty Train Puppy In The Rain

When it's raining outside, prepare yourself. Get an umbrella and wear your raincoat. Get your dog fitted with a dog raincoat also! More often than not, a dog will stand out in the rain much longer with a raincoat on because it will prevent him/her from getting absolutely soaked!

Be sure you developed a routine schedule for your young puppy or older dog first. When the routine is set, you will know when your dog needs to eliminate. Rain won't stop them from going potty - but your patience might!

Have a place (rug, porch, or garage) where you can remove the wet coats, and have a towel handy to towel dry the wet legs and wet head of your puppy. Keep them all in your foyer closet so you can grab them readily on those rainy days. Your patience is important. So expect to walk your dog to a familiar spot where he/she normally would eliminate on any dry day.

Indoor Solutions To Help Potty Train Puppy When It's Raining

If your dog fights having a raincoat on, you can potty train puppy in the rain with indoor potty solutions. You could set up any indoor potty. Anyone of the following could be set up on your covered outdoor patio, garage, or basement:

  Rascal Dog Litter Box
  Porch Potty
  Pup-Head Portable Potty  
  Potty Patch
  PetZoom Pet Park Indoor Pet Potty
  WizDog Indoor Dog Potty

Every year thousands of dog are brought to shelters. Many, many shelter dogs are the direct result of being misunderstood and improperly trained by its owner.

Here's to your patience and perserverance as you potty train your puppy in the rain!

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