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Potty Training Puppy

Setting Up a Routine Schedule For Puppy

Potty Training Puppy is a Vital Lesson For Any Young Dog

Begin potty training puppy by setting up a routine schedule that fits both you and your dog. Now that puppy has been taken away from it's mother, you become it's next teacher. Develop a schedule that works both for you and your dog. This routine will help your potty training immensely.

These first few weeks in a new home are extremely important for your puppy. He/she needs to learn when and where to eliminate. The training you set now will usually last a lifetime. For those of you that work full time, routine scheduling will fit right in with your normal schedule and with your puppy training efforts! Developing your routine in conjunction with teaching your puppy when and where "to go" is the first and most important lesson to begin training your new puppy (or adopted dog).

Going Potty in the Rain

Develop Puppy's Routine Schedule

Developing a routine schedule is very important for any young puppy or older dog (and yes! this works on older dogs too!), especially when it comes to potty training. Be patient! Expect a puppy to eliminate every few hours until their bladder develops. Make yourself available to take puppy outdoors to familiar elimination areas several times a day in order to avoid having accidents in the house. Develop a schedule that works both for you and your dog. As your dog ages, this routine can be adjusted.

How Long Does Potty Training Puppy Take?

The process of puppy potty training could take up to 6 months depending on the dog or breed. All of us dog owners go through this process! Once your routine is set, you will be surprised how fast your little furball catches on! Habits are being developed with your routine and as you know yourself, habits take time.

Potty Training Tips

1. Supervise! Keep an eye on your puppy. Use dog gates to keep it in the same room and when supervision isn't possible, use a dog crate.
2. Keep On Schedule! Keep notes on your pup. Eventually you will begin to see trends.
3. Remain Consistent! Same time to pee, same feeding time, use same door to go outside, and take puppy to the same potty spot! It's all about habits!
4. Be Patient & Praise! Stay patient through this potty training period and when your puppy does something "right" - remember to PRAISE!

How Often Do Puppies Have to Pee?

Here is a "good rule of thumb" to use for as you begin a routine schedule for potty training puppy. Puppies can hold their bladder for 1 hour per each month of its age. If puppy is 3 months old, then able to hold it for 3 hours; 4 months old... 4 hours. Keep in mind that close supervision is still required in the event your puppy has to go potty during unscheduled intervals. With the knowledge of how long a puppy can "hold it", setting up a schedule will help predict when puppy has "to go".

Potty Training Routine Schedule (sample only)

A puppy potty training schedule is pretty routine. Routines are all about habits and habits correctly taught teach your puppy what is expected of him/her. This is extremely important while puppy develops bladder control. Again, good dog behavior is all about prevention. That takes you to make this work! If you work and can not get home at noon, having a professional pet-sitter, neighbor, or friend come over can be a great help!

  6:00 AM     Puppy wakes, take out to eliminate. Praise on success.
  6:15 AM     Feed puppy food and water.
  6:45 AM     Take puppy outside to eliminate. Praise on success.
  7:00 AM     Play with puppy.
  7:30 AM     Take puppy outside to eliminate. Praise on success.
  7:45 AM     Put puppy back in crate, as you leave for work.
     NOON     Return home, take puppy out to eliminate. Praise on success.
12:15 PM      Feed puppy food and water.
12:30 PM      Play with puppy.
12:45 PM      Put puppy in crate, as you return to work.
  5:00 PM      Take puppy out to eliminate. Praise on success.
  5:45 PM      Feed puppy food and water.
  6:00 PM      Take puppy out to eliminate. Praise on success.
  8:00 PM      Play with puppy.
  8:30 PM      Take puppy out to eliminate. Praise on success.
11.00 PM      Take puppy out to eliminate. Praise on success.
  2:30 AM      If puppy wakes up and cries, take puppy out to eliminate.

Adjusting Your Routine Schedule

As puppy gets older and begins to develop more bladder control, adjust the schedule. The first elimination of the Potty Training Puppy Shedule time to remove is 2:30 AM, but... be sure to take him (or her) out upon waking up because puppy surely will have to go! Keep adjusting the time intervals as puppy's bladder develops. Once your dog has developed bladder control and can go 6 hours without eliminating, the second elimination to remove is the mid-day stop home from work.

How To Potty Train Puppy When You Work Full-Time

So... how do you potty train puppy when you work full time? First and foremost, teaching your puppy where and when to eliminate is probably the "first" most important lesson to begin training. Crates come in handy for everyone and especially for those of you that work full time. We recommend getting your puppy a crate and begin  crate training your puppy in conjunction with the above potty training schedule! These 3 easy crate training steps will acquaint your fuzzy friend to its crate and will definitely help in your potty training efforts. Crates are your best "potty training friend"!

Every year thousands of dog are brought to shelters. Many, many shelter dogs are the direct result of being misunderstood and improperly trained by its owner.

Here's to your patience and perserverance as you potty train your puppy!

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