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Prepare For Puppy

How to Prepare For Puppy First Day Home

Even though excitement and anticipation will be at the top of the list, learn how to prepare for puppy on that first day home. Puppy preparations should rank high on your list. Having everything in place for it's special arrival will provide you both more time together on that momentful day!

Getting ready for that first arrival home is exciting. We're excited for you as you begin this new journey with your new fuzzy companion!

Plan Ahead!

There are three things you can do to plan ahead for puppy's arrival. The first is getting your home ready for puppy's safety. Learn how you can puppy-proof your home. The second, and most obvious, is purchasing the necessary puppy supplies you'll need to begin raising your little one. Shopping for dog necessities today is more fun than ever, especially with convenience of shopping on the internet. The many choices you will have! Last and not least is choosing a veterinarian.  


 PUPPY PROOFING YOUR HOME  Just like adopting a baby, there are certain preparations that you will want in place. Puppies are a curious ball of fluff, and that curiosity can get them into a lot trouble. A lot of dangerous or cherished items can seem like the most delicious treats to your new puppy. Make puppy's new home as safe as possible for those moments when curiosity takes over. A dog's natural instinct is to use it's mouth to explore! What can you do around the house to provide a safe environment for such a young dog?  Read More

 PURCHASING PUPPY SUPPLIES  Dog ownership requires the purchase of a number of dog training aids and dog accessories. Most of the really necessary items are fairly obvious, but there are literally thousands of optional items available that you can purchase. These can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like. As a new puppy owner, you will want the necessary items in place for puppy's first day home. What are the absolute puppy supplies to start out with?  Read More

 CHOOSING A VETERINARIAN  When it comes to choosing a veterinarian for your new puppy, do so within the first few days if not ahead of puppy's arrival. Your puppy will need to begin getting it's vaccinations to remain healthy. Our checklist will give you some thoughts to be aware of when choosing your first vet.  Read More

So... remember, be prepared for your puppy ahead of time! Make your home safe, purchase necessary supplies, and choose your veternarian to make the transistion of your new journey together less chaotic. Your new companion deserves a safe healthy, fun life. Your puppy will become another member of the family and should be treated like one.

For an introduction on puppy training, learn how you can begin all puppy's necessary basic training.