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Puppy Care

How to Take Care of a Puppy


Providing Good Puppy Care

Providing good puppy care for your new little one will help develop and maintain a long and rewarding relationship. Your puppy is dependent totally on you for it's vaccinations, proper feeding, grooming, exercise, socialization, training, and of course, giving him (or her) lots of love! As a new dog owner caring for your puppy will be a year-around responsibility... for the life of your dog.

Puppy Care

There are several things you can do to get started with your new puppy's care.



 VACCINATIONS  Vaccinations are necessary to have done within the first week of bringing puppy home. Why vaccinations? Puppies are usually born with some immunity acquired from their mother while in the womb, however, this passive immunity will soon disappear leaving your puppy extremely susceptible to many dog diseases.

 PET HEALTH INSURANCE  As a new puppy owner or dog owner, having pet health insurance certainly ensures you peace of mind knowing you can provide the best puppy care for your new best friend in an affordable way. These days more and more people are taking advantage of pet health insurance.

 APPLYING PUPPY MEDICATION  Applying medications for your puppy can be a little tricky if he tries to avoid taking them. This little tip will help you to administer any medical needs with out your dog even knowing.

 GROWTH OF PUPPY TEETH  The growth stages of puppy teeth begins around 6-8 weeks of age. At birth, puppies do not have any teeth. When their first teeth begin coming in they start biting at their mother's nipples.

 FEEDING YOUR PUPPY  When your new little buddy first comes home, you'll want to begin a routine schedule for feeding your puppy. For the first week, continue feeding your puppy the same brand of food.

 DENTAL CARE  Providing good puppy care also means good dental care for the good oral health of your dog. Brush your dog's teeth?? You bet! Without brushing, plaque forms on your dog's teeth and will eventually give your dog dental problems.

 TRIMMING DOG NAILS  The undaunting task of trimming dog nails is a basic task and basic care need that every dog or puppy needs. With patience and care, nail trimming does not have to become a frightening experience.

 PUPPY TRAINING  Good puppy care begins by introducing your puppy to the different kinds of puppy training which will teach your dog how to become well-behaved. Your patience and repetition will quickly let your new little buddy know what is expected of him.

 SPAYING OR NEUTERING YOUR PUPPY  Pets not intended for breeding should be spayed or neutered between 4 and 6 months of age. In doing so, you will prevent behavioral problems as well as unwanted puppies.

It is essential as a new puppy owner you provide your new companion with the proper care. Your puppy relies on you to make the right decisions for its health, its food, its training, and his companionship. Do some extended reading and educate yourself on puppy care.

For those new to dog ownership, our Dog Health articles will help you understand some basic dog health issues you may or may not be faced with during the life of your dog as he or she grows older.