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Correct Puppy Training is as Important as Knowing the Different Kinds of Training

Training basics all about knowing when to give timely corrections, motivation, and praise to raise your puppy's confidence during any training exercises. Keep in mind, you, your family, and your home are all new to your little buddy. Those first few days in a new home are extremely important and any puppy training you set in your pup's early days will usually last a lifetime.

Using the correct techniques and and properly training your new dog will be the beginning of a wonderful relationship with your new four-footed companion for years to come. Training efforts should be taught using lots of love, consistency, perserverance, and patience... without violence and abuse.

New to Owning a Puppy?

If you are a first time puppy owner, learning from a professional dog trainer is the best route to go and we highly recommend it. Aside from learning from your local professional dog trainer, the internet has many resources to learn from instantly. Our recommended Dog Training E-Books below are taught by professional trainers, great resources, and a much less expensive way to start your puppy training quickly and learn to train any dog correctly.

Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer

Secrets To Dog Training by Daniel Stevens

Dog Training Zone



  HOUSETRAINING  Puppy house training can be challenging in the beginning and there will be those "can't be helped occasions" when you can't be there to potty train. Puppies will need to eliminate frequently. Expect your puppy to go potty every hour in the beginning.

  CRATE TRAINING  Proper introduction to crate training may involve a somewhat lengthy desensitation period. By associating the crate with praise, rewards, and plenty of patience on your part, the crate becomes your dogs security haven. A great way to house train your puppy quickly!

  COLLAR AND LEASH TRAINING  Introducing your puppy to collar and leash training can be challenging. Having trouble getting your dog used to the collar and leash? Here are 5 easy steps!

  SOCIALIZATION  Socialization skills teach your puppy to become a well adjusted adult and exposes them properly around people, including young children, other animals and to different life experiences. Without socialization expect your puppy to become aggressive, fearful or even timid. Where and how can you begin socializing your puppy?

  THE ROLE OF ALPHA DOG  Understand that dogs are social creatures that want to know their place. As newborns, their mother plays the role of alpha dog. She is their first teacher. When we bring these little ones home, it becomes our job as the human family - their new pack leader and more dominent members of the pack - to gently but firmly teach our new puppies where and how they belong.

  BASIC DOG COMMANDS  Simple basic dog commands are used for puppy training by using word associations, lots of praise and rewards. Just like we learn from trial and error, so do puppies. The basis for all learning is emphasizing praise and reward for their good behaviors.

At What Age Can You Begin Training Your Puppy?

Begin training the very first day you bring puppy home! From the age of six weeks, you can begin teaching your puppy basic commands. Take a minute to watch Dove Cresswell's free training video clip below - it is pretty impressive! We highly recommend it for newbies with their first dog.



Enjoy this FREE video clip of dog training:
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Dove Cresswell Dog Training

Just as puppy training is important for the behaviors of your puppy, it is equally important to learn about their health care needs as they grow up. Our dog health articles will supply you with some of the basic health care information you may also want to become familiar with.

Happy training... enjoy your newfound friend!


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