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Scottish Terrier Breed Profile


The Scottish Terrier is a typical terrier dog in the AKC Terrier Group. Also known as "Scotty", this small dog is independent by nature and has a desire to do things their own way. Properly trained and respected, they are devoted and make great companion dogs for the elderly and families with older, respectful children. To maintain the look of a Scotty, they will need professional grooming every few months.

Scottish Terrier  

Origin:             Scotland
Utilization:      Companion
Registration:   AKC Terrier Group
Size:                Small
Height:             10 Inches
Weight:            18-22 pounds
Lifespan:         12-14 years
Shedding:        None if groomed regularly
Colors:             Black, wheaten or brindle

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Scottish Terrier Breed Facts:

Grooming:   The non-shedding, shaggy coat of a Scotty will need weekly brushings and professional grooming every 3-4 months.

Social Skills:   This "big dog in a little dog's body" gets along with other dogs and household pets with early socialization.

Personality:   Very loyal to its owner, Scotties are very playful and affectionate. They are active, assertive little dogs, sometimes stubborn. The Scotty makes a good watchdog. Can be aloof and stand-offish towards strangers. With a rather domineering personality, they will tend to be "alpha" in the family, therefore, owners need to establish who the master is right from the beginning. Should not be left alone with unruly, young children.

Children:   Very good with older, respectful children.

Housing:   Very active, but easily adapts to any indoor living conditions. Ideal for apartment and condo living if excercised daily. Yards will need to be "escape proof", as they do and can dig to escape. Make fine pets for the elderly.

Exercise:   Moderate. Neighborhood walks are fine. Should be kept on leash when outside the home.

Training:   Intelligent. Begin early training, be persistent and be patient. Scotties can be stubborn.

Health:   Joint disorders, sensitive to fleas, skin problems and Von Willebrand's disease (mild bleeding disorder). More information on Scottish Terrier inherited health disorders.

History:   Scottish Terriers have an origin from Scotland and originally bred to hunt all types of vermin ranging from a mouse to a badger, extracting them from rocks, dens, and barns. Scotties were known as the Aberdeen Terrier until the 1890s. They were first introduced to North America in 1882, first in Canada and then the U.S. The Scottish Terrier is related to the Cairn Terrier and West Highland White Terrier which are also from the nothern part of the Bitish Isles.

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