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Types of Dog

Learn About The Different Kinds of Dog Breeds

 Types of Dogs

Why Learn About the Different Types of Dogs and Their Different Characteristics?

By doing your homework first and learning about the AKC types of dog breeds you can help prevent any surprises a week or even ten to fifteen years down the road. When you understand more about the available dog breeds you will come to know their size, temperament, exercise needs, grooming care, and more. All puppies are cute, but understand they all have different characteristics, and they all grow up!

Below is a List of the Seven Dog Breed Types:

This simple guide for types of dog will show you the available kinds of dogs and what their expected characteristics are. Some breeds may need more dog training than others. Some may need more attention to grooming or house training. Improve your chances for dog owner success by learning which types are most suitable for you and your lifestyle. We can't stress enough the importance of researching and doing your homework first!

To help narrow your search, every kind of purebred dog fits into seven types of dog breeds. Each type is assigned to one of seven dog breed groups for which these dog breeds were originally developed for. More than 150 breeds come in various sizes, shapes, personalities and different care needs. There are no accurate statistics relating to the total numbers of different types on a worldwide basis. Aside from the dogs classified as purebreds, there are other dogs unclassified (mixed breeds).

AKC* Divides Dogs into
Seven Types of Dog Breeds:

*American Kennel Club

Toy Group
Terrier Group
Herding Group
Hound Group
Working Group
Sporting Group
Non-Sporting Group

Let's Break The AKC Dog Breed Groups Down Into Different Categories:

  LIST OF SMALL DOGS  Did you know that small dog types can also be found in other AKC breed groups besides the Toy Group? Depending on how the AKC categorizes their groups, some smaller breeds do fall into different categories. Wondering which dogs are the small dog types? Take a look. This list of small dog types will show you which dogs are becoming more and more popular due to their size and many advantages over their larger cousins.

  LIST OF HYPOALLERGENIC DOGS  While no breed is 100 percent hypoallergenic, those breeds with less dander do allow people that suffer from allergies to keep their allergies at a comfortable level. These hypoallergenic dog breeds have non-shedding coats which may produce less dander allowing allergy sufferers to tolerate this list of dog breeds much better.

  LIST OF CHILD FRIENDLY DOGS  Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to decifer which dogs are more child friendly when you decide to get a new companion to add to your growing family. This list of child friendly dogs will help shorten your search for the best dog for your family.

  LIST OF BEST DOGS FOR THE ELDERLY  This list of dog breeds will help the elderly choose a companion to suit their needs. Always take into consideration the dog's activity to match the elderly's activity level before making any final decision. Generally, these companion-oriented dogs love spending time with their owners and require less exercise making them ideal for the elderly folks.

Once you have found the right type of dog, you will want to familiarize yourself with the proper puppy care and puppy training which will help you raise and train a dog you will surely be proud of.